What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation?


A neuropsychological evaluation can help identify strengths and weaknesses regarding your child’s ability to think, learn, and perform daily life activities. Based on the findings of your child's evaluation, Dr. Holland can recommend various research-based strategies and resources for helping your child succeed in school and in life.

Initial Consultation


Your child does not need to be present for the initial consultation.  During this meeting, Dr. Holland will ask you questions to obtain information for two purposes:


1. To ensure that neuropsychological evaluation is necessary at this time for your child.

2. To customize the plan for the testing session in order to answer the questions you have about your child.


To help Dr. Holland best customize the evaluation to meet your child's needs, please bring to this initial consultation any records of previous testing that has been completed, including any testing conducted by your child's school (e.g., FIE).  Please also bring any past or current special education paperwork (e.g., IEP, ARD) or Section 504 documentation if your child has ever received such services through his/her school district.

Testing Session

During the testing session(s), your child will be asked to complete paper-and-pencil tasks, answer questions verbally, engage in hands-on activities, and possibly complete some computerized tasks.


The duration of the testing session(s) depends on many things, including your child's age and how efficiently he/she works.  In some cases, abbreviated testing sessions distributed over multiple days may be indicated.  At the conclusion of the initial consultation, Dr. Holland will give you more detailed information about what to expect for the testing session(s).


At your request, Dr. Holland also may conduct clinical observations of your child in the school setting to supplement testing data.

Feedback Conference


Once all supporting documentation (e.g., teacher forms, school records) has been obtained and all testing has been completed, Dr. Holland will meet with you to discuss findings and recommendations.  If appropriate based on your child's age and the content to be discussed, your child may be invited to join the feedback conference.


Once the feedback conference has been completed, you also will receive a detailed written report describing the findings and recommendations of your child's evaluation.


At your request, Dr. Holland is available to meet with your child's teachers and school administrators to explain these findings and recommendations and answer their questions.

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