Dr. Holland offers a number of services to help you better understand the complex interactions between your child's cognitive profile, psychological functioning, social development, and academic performance...along with research-based recommendations for addressing your child's weaknessses and promoting his/her strengths.
Comprehensive Evaluations


A neuropsychological evaluation can help identify strengths and weaknesses regarding your child’s ability to think, learn, and perform daily life activities.


Based on the findings of your child's evaluation, Dr. Holland can recommend various research-based strategies and resources for helping your child succeed in school and in life.



Study Skills Coaching

Dr. Holland can work with your child to promote better note-taking skills, organizational strategies, and studying techniques.  These coaching sessions are individualized to take into account your child's particular strengths and weaknesses.


A recent neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation may enhance the effectiveness of these coaching sessions but is not required.


School Documentation Review


Dr. Holland can review your child's school documentation (IEP, FIE, ARD, etc.) to help you understand what the school's testing results indicate and what services your child should be receiving in school. 


This type of consultation can be particularly helpful if your child has been tested through his/her school district recently and you would like a better explanation of what the testing showed.

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs)

Dr. Holland can conduct IEEs for school districts that do not have the resources to conduct an evaluation to meet a student's needs, or for any other reason.


In certain situations, parents also may ask their child's school district to provide an IEE through Dr. Holland.


For more information about IEEs, please consult Wrightslaw.



Sometimes, questions and concerns you may have about your child can be addressed without requiring a full evaluation.  Dr. Holland can meet with you to discuss your concerns, provide resources as appropriate, and make a recommendation regarding whether or not your child might benefit from a full neuropsychological evaluation.


Dr. Holland also offers consultation services to schools, businesses, and community groups.


Speaking Appearances

​Dr. Holland has spoken to a wide range of audiences including parent groups, professional organizations, fellow clinicians, and community groups.  Dr. Holland's expert commentary has been quoted in outlets such as The Dallas Morning News, ScaryMommy, and PopSugar and featured on FOX 4 DFW, NBC 5 DFW, WFAA 8 DFW, & CBS 11 DFW news broadcasts as well as News Radio KRLD 1080.


Dr. Holland can speak to your group on any number of topics, from current research in ADHD to advice for various parenting issues.